Can you say tired?

So here we are in San Diego California. We spent all day yesterday at Sea World. All that walking, in the heat – I guess it takes it out of you! What were we thinking when we bought 5 day passes? Today we went to the Wild Animal Park. That was a lot of walking. But we did feel like we were on Safari 🙂 Oh my goodness, we have 3 more days of this. We leave in the morning and come home at night. Tomorrow is our visit to the zoo. Then it’s back to Sea World to see everything we missed the first day. Wow. The kids are having a blast though. We are giving them all of our attention and spending the day out in nature. Today they rode on the most awesome carousel ever. It had every wild animal you can think of. My 3 year old rode on an Opaki (cousin to the Zebra) and a Rhino and my little 1 year old rode on a giant Rabbit that looked like a Jackalope. It’s really refreshing to be spending the days with Jason, rather than him working every day. I see great things in him. He’s really a sweetie pie and pleasant to be around. Spending this vacation together reminds me again, of how lucky I feel to have him and to have him as a father to my girls. Sometimes we get caught up in everyday life and forget to have fun. How important is it to have fun everyday? It’s hard to even think about that when you’re just trying to get through the days with two little ones and raise them to be right. But, what about fun everyday? If we focused on having a little more fun… well life could be a lot better! Well, I’m tired, gonna turn in.

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