August Already?

Wow, how can it be August already! Time sure flies and I’m having fun. Yahoo, we’re on vacation! Right now I’m hangin’ out in Sweetwater California enjoying the weather (much better than the normal 106 degrees at 8:30 pm, that I’m use to.) I just got the digital purchases up and running and the Freebie is there for all to enjoy.  Now, with all things new, I’m sure there may be some minor set backs in transfering said files, but we’ll pray for everything to run smoothly instead. And of course I’ll be watching closely to make sure everyone is taken care of. If I get enough response to these digitals, I’ll be setting up file downloading to be much faster and easier. I just don’t want to put out a lot of expense unless or untill I know that the digitals are actually popular!

Plans for this week, relax a little more and enjoy the weather, go to the beach and stick my toes in the sand with my man, play catch with my 3 year old play ditch the wave with both of my girls, go to Sea World, the Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park and take walks around the trails and beautiful scenery here. I should have plenty of great pics for scrapping by the time I’m done and of course, as usual, never enough time to scrap them all. I’d like to start working on the next kit design, already have a color palet in mind, but I really need to pull myself away from the computer and spend some memory making time with my family. So maybe I’ll make time to update again later, but for now, bid me happy vacationing and take care.

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