Skype Link – How?

So, you’re using and you want to put a skype button link on your blog, but this darn site doesn’t accept that coding! Urgh, so frustrating! I know! Since I just went through this, I thought I’d share this easy ‘how to‘ with you. Fret no more, here’s the HACK I used. Easy, step by step directions to place a link from your blog, to your Skype profile.

First, go here to create a shortened address that actually will recognize: I tried Bitly first, it didn’t work. Trust me, go here.

You will place one of these Skype codes below into the address shortener, but don’t shorten until you have replaced vivayne1 with your own username.


Your code should read skype:YOURSKYPEUSERNAME?chat (or call if you want them to call you every time someone clicks your Skype button) Now click the ‘shorten’ button. You should now have an address, rather than that funny Skype code above. This new address can now be used on your blog. Now you can create your own Skype widget, which you can find under appearance, widgets, and select the image widget.

Here is coding for a text widget, if you prefer.

<a href=”YOUR LINK HERE” target=”_blank”><img title=”Skype” src=”YOUR IMAGE SOURCE.jpeg” alt=”Email” width=”35″ height=”35″ /></a>

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