Hi there you 🙂 I just thought I’d drop in and show you the gorgeous fashion designs, I’ve totally been gushing over. I know! This isn’t a fashion blog, and I’m not a huge fashion nut, but I do love me some color…. trends…. and beautiful stuff in general. So, here we go!

My sweet friend Jo showed me these gorgeous Chanel designs from the 2015 show and can I just say WOW!

Exquisite work, right!

Okay, this one (below) is my absolute fav! I mean the blue with that yellow! But what really gets me excited are those OMBRE flowers… so mushy and look at that texture! YES please!! I love how the center is dark but the purple seams to naturally turn to a red, and then orange and yellow.


Plus those shimmery  sequins, talk about icing on the cake! I spotted this trend about 6 months ago, but it’s Chanel official now!

My friend Mary found this Post by Vogue México, where Lagerfeld talks about his collection.
Here’s the full Video of the Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture Chanel Show:

Not too sure about the boxy shirts with pencil skirts for my own style, but the photos I posted here, love ’em! I love the low ballerina skirts too! … And this black top!!

Perhaps a bra though, or some pasties, hahaha 🙂

I noticed a tad bit of the 20’s to 40’s coming back in some of the other outfits, which I LOVE in the traditional flapper styles.

You know what else I like, besides those ombre flowers? Ombre hair styles!

Eeek, OMBRE is coming in, what did I tell you!

Okay, one last thing, a little uplifting

4 thoughts on “Oh!mbre

  1. Aren’t they gorgeous! I would love them on any surface because my color choice (for clothing) is not as bold. If i were toned up I would wear that blue & yellow top (the one that is my fav) But ya, I know half the stuff that comes off the runway is actually frightening :/ these were really beautiful. I think sheer is the new black too (not orange haha), which I think is sexy. I saw some gorgeous Valentino too. Maybe I’ll do another next month 🙂

  2. It’s rare that I would say this about a show but I would totally wear that first dress and that last skirt. Seriously. LOVE.

  3. Awesome! I love those outfits, they are works of art! Stunning! Such a lively and fun post!♡

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