Hope you are having a great week. It’s Wednesday and you’re over the hump, hurray, only a couple days and TGIF.

Today I’m sharing a sweet little fox I painted on a rock, a month or so back.  Painted them with the kids, but they ran off with theirs before I could shoot pictures. Okay, I took a picture of them in the garden and posted them below.

Foxy Rocksie -  Rock Painting
Foxy Rocksie – Rock Painting

and here is the other one I painted:

Joy is a Cuppa

and some that my kids created, to include a painted donut! Eeek, it is so cute in person! lol  🙂

Lots of Rocks
Painted Rocks by my Children

Aaaaand, in the spirit of Foxy Rocksie, I leave you with this link: FOXY LADY

❤ Vivayne


6 thoughts on “Foxy

  1. Thanks Sage! I drink coffee and tea with my mom, often. It’s joy in a cup!! Teavana is our fav tea store! (although I do wish they had more organic offerings) My kids also love tea. Anyway, I was thinking about all that when I painted that rock 🙂

  2. These rocks are adorable! I really like the one with the mug. 🙂

  3. Thank you! I definitely enjoyed painting on rocks as much as the kids did 🙂 I hope you will come back and post a link when you’ve painted yours!! 😀

  4. Oh my god it’s so cute and I love the color of it! That really gets my creative juices flowing. I live near a lake and we have thousand (or more :D) pebbles here. I always wanted to paint something on them. This really shows that there is nothing that should stop you from doing something creative not even when the only thing you have on hand is a stone 🙂

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