Cuppa Java

Pieces for my Portfolio

This months bootcamp challenge was to illustrate something I like to drink, on a product that I would like to use or have.  Tea or cappuccino? I’m faced with decisions right away, haha. It’s too early for this crap 😉

This is what my morning usually looks like. His and hers cups, awww:) … Tea NEVER goes in his cup….. EVER! haha.

Vivayne morning art start,  his and hers cups

Lets Start with Some Play

Started out with some loose play. I drew my tall cappuccino glass. I drink one almost everyday with a spoonful of sugar (plus we just love Mary Poppins) so I couldn’t resist  🙂  The glass has a cozy around it, that I sewed. I think I’ll put some cute designs on the drawing later.

You know? I live in Vegas and still like my drinks extra hot! Strange, haha! Whatever…

Just a spoonful of sugar helps cappuccino go down Vivayne, art

Ok, I’m diggin’ it but I’m itchin’ to paint.

Plan A

I started out with an idea to make an abstract painting to hang in the kitchen. Lots of pretty cups in rows, with one cup viewed from the top and a pretty design in it’s foam. Well, that painting decided to take on a life of it’s own, so I just went with it. Yep, it looks nothing like I had envisioned with it’s soft pink and blue hues…. but, hey, that’s part of letting it flow. (Let it flow, let it flow… I bet you can take one guess, haha.) I’ll share more on that painting next week.  Onto what I did create!

Plan B

I decide to just go with it now, I’m in the zone.

‘I love distressing… Inking, stamping, spraying, sanding, rubbing,  wrinkling, you name it, I like it!’ (CLICK TO TWEET)

So, I decide to start there! Call it the tomboy in me, It’s fun! Plus I love the vintage feel it gives.

I dig a few pieces of trash out of my studio bin; gotta do my part to upcycle 🙂 Yep, looks like it’s gonna be mixed media. …. A bit of brown acrylic paint and some inks, a pretty paper lantern from the last birthday torn up and glued down.

mixed media, acrylics, Vivayne,coffee art in studio, distressed, upcycle

If you haven’t tried distressing something, you totally should, it’s so freeing 🙂

mixed media, acrylics, Vivayne,coffee art in studio, distressed, upcycle

Ahhh, that’s more like it 🙂 Got some cups painted, did some hand drawing, distressing, coloring. Still needs something, some flowers perhaps… A title, still playing with that here… paint splotches and coffee beans… starting to get somewhere.

mixed media, acrylics, Vivayne,coffee art in studio, distressed, upcycle


Add a title, some more line drawings and splotches, some more strips of paper and I’m ready to call it a day! Finished! Here’s the close up.Click on each picture to see the detail!

Below they are shown in my kitchen. Already getting a great response. It was suggested that I make this into a repeat pattern for fabric. I actually think I might do that, just to see how it would turn out.

If you could put these designs on anything, what would you do with it?  I think they would look quite nice as couch pillows, actually.

mixed media, acrylics, Vivayne,coffee art in studio, distressed, upcycle

So, that’s the lowdown on my creating “Cuppa Java”. If you like this sort of post, be sure to let me know in the comments below and follow this blog for the next time!

7 thoughts on “Cuppa Java

  1. Valerie, I love tea with you! At least you aren’t cursed with a decision every morning! haha! My favorite is loose leaf, green tea with jasmin…. and Teavana gets way too much of my money! What’s your fav?

  2. I am a tea drinker so prefer the cuppa version. I think they would be great framed in a kitchen or coffee shop. Very creative!

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