Sword Fights – a MUST for every party!!

Sword fights: a definite must for parties, ha ha ha! Poor Xander (why is it always the little girls that are crazy like that, get use to it though!) and poor Violet (that Diana is a fiesty one!) Kaitlin was sooo patient, she gets total props from me on that one. Angell held her own. And my Katelon, silly girl, party favors are for your guests (oops, forgot to have a talk with her about that) Ice cream soda turned out pretty good, cake didn’t fall over (bonus), may pole (ehh), no injuries, no one fell in the pool (yay) Isabel (such a lady!), Joshua, my man (what a gentle man), Trey (I’m not letting that sweet sweet look of your fool 😉 me I saw you with that sword) Alyssa (you almost had me fooled too, great make up though) Sara (wow, you’ve done this before!) Jacob (my sweetie, go get ’em) lol. I sure am glad everyone came. Those who couldn’t make it, no worries, you wouldn’t have been able to hear past your own chin 🙂 lol. Ooooh, ran out of food, Ted to the rescue!! yay Ted, you’re so good to us. Thanks for bringing your girlfriend Johny, wanna come hang out on any given normal day??

So glad I got to see and hand with some of my own friends, but next time I hope to actually visit more with you all 🙂 By the way, thanks Mom and Gwen and everyone else that helped me out behind the scenes!!

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