Meet Our Newest Additions

Well we made the trip to Arizona, Fort Mohave… boy was that smart {sarcastically}. We came back with the DOUBLE MINT TWINS:) hahaha… Meet Hyperther”Mia” and “L“ightning Bottom. Mia fell in the pool and almost drown in the pool the first time we took her out (Jason saved her), so that’s the story on how she got her name. Ellie “L” is so wiggly she got a bad haircut and wound up with a lightning bolt on her rear so we’ll call her Ellie B.

They settled in just fine last night. We were surprised to see they were eating and drinking right away. They don’t even seem phased by the trip and separation from the other puppies. Probably because they still have each other. By the way they are 11 weeks old. The lady we got them from was super nice. We were able to get a discount because they were getting older and also by buying the two together…  and they are fully registered akc schnauzers. Yahoo…so lucky. Obviously both females, so we might breed them at least once.

Needless to say, my girls are super excited to have them & each has claimed one as her own. No we will not get be getting a 3rd dog for our third daughter… Could you imagine? Hahahaha… No 🙂 Some other names we thought about are Daisy & Minnie. Hershey & Squirt…cute on their own but not together hehehe…eewww 🙂 and Honey & Bunny.

So anyway, so much for trying it out, we jumped in with both feet. We haven’t had dogs for so long we probably won’t know what to do with them 😉 We can’t take them to the doggie park just yet,  not till we get their 12 or 13 week shots. Jason & I went on his 2 days off… an overnight trip so we are super tired today & he had to work… Poor guy. Think I’ll make him some dinner for tonight! Gotta go get that going, I suppose. My time is even more limited now that I have two puppies & a baby to potty train 🙂 gluttin for punishment! See you all and hugs!

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Newest Additions

  1. I know, they are so cute. I wish they would stay this small! Their size is just perfect now. But they will grow 🙂 They are super sweet and very good puppies so far.

  2. OMG! They are so adorable, I just love puppies. You are going to have so much fun with them. I can’t wait to read all the stories about their antics and growing up.

    You are glutten for punishment, 3 kids, 2 puppies, and a potty training. Keep it up and we’ll be singing the 12 days of Vivayne for you.

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