Some Tidbits

Some tidbits about me – don’t have time to scrap it so…

I drink a pot of hot jasmine tea almost every day.
I am often missunderstood.
I would still be playing softball 3 nights a week or more if it wasn’t for having kids.
I don’t like to cook dinner but I like to make breakfast and desserts.
I am very self concious of my body.
I think the military changed me too much.
I’m proud I nurse & had babies at home.
I’m probably so far right, I’m falling off the cliff.
I secretly think my children are genius compared to all of yours 🙂 haha gotcha…
I’m very optimistic.
When I feel regretful, it’s a very strong emotion.
I am always dreaming, thinking of new ideas, new way of living, new ways of being.
I don’t enjoy keeping house, I’d rather be out and about.
I often wonder why my husband loves me, I probably don’t deserve him.
I am almost always late.
I love to wakeboard and go boating.
I miss having and riding horses.
I often bite off more than I can chew.
It is hard for me to settle, a gypsy at heart.
I love to learn!
I am an artist.I love to create, be artistic and crafty.
I have a softspot for people who need help.
My favorite color is lavendar.
I could live on the beach and ocean. I feel at home there.
I don’t like to run.
I love to go to yard sales.
I’m obsessed with buttons.
I’m always questioning my spirituality.

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