Children and Vaccines

Okay so everyone knows that I dont’ agree with vaccines. But the more I read about them, the more I find the studies show they do not increase the immune system or health but that they actually cause more sickness overall. My first child recieved many of her vaccines, until she was two when I started questioning it. But she had several ear infections when otherwise healthy as an ox, after much pain and 2 sets of ear tubes in her ears, now I find out that several vaccines actually have been shown to cause ear infections in studies…What!!! I am only sharing this so that you too may start questioning, reading, learning, discovering for yourself QUESTION before you do it… that’s all I’m saying. You love your child more than the govt, the dr’s or anyone, THINK about it, QUESTION it, LEARN about it, YOU DECIDE… if only I knew then what I know now… Good luck everyone, on your quest!

2 thoughts on “Children and Vaccines

  1. Hey I am so with you on this… My youngest suffered with what the doctors called “irratable hip syndrome” after her injections, they explained to me that a virus would seek out a weak point..
    All I know is she was in so much pain you couldnt even touch her and it happened nearly everytime after she had her injections, I really didnt want to take her for them, and our family doctor really didnt want to give them to her…
    As far as governments go, I dont trust them…
    But its a hard one… The other thing is some of these new super bugs are because most reach for man made drugs instead of trying to beat it off or use an alternative means, and now the germs are mutating …. I think mankind is gonna outsmart itself…
    By the way *hugz*

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