Poem – Post Card Swap

I hope you all will join me for this swap. I have created a poem – postcard swap at swap-bot.

Swap-bot swap: Write a Poem - 4 free postcards preview
I swap with Swap-bot!

For this swap you’ll send 1 postcard with, YOUR poem, to four people, for a total of four postcards.

Here is what you’ll do:

1. Start making your 4 postcards now! It would be especially nice if they reflect your craft: digital-arts, fabric scraps, scrapbooking scraps, atc’s, ephemera, quilts, etc use your imagination.
2. Read about your partners
3. Write a poem or 4 (this can be simple or complex, funny or serious, whatever is on your mind)
4. Write YOUR poem onto each of the 4 postcards
5. Be sure to sign your name under your poem
6. Take a picture, front and back, so you’ll always remember what you wrote or the artistic postcard you made
7. Mail to your recipients
8. Wait for your mail to arrive 🙂

Please make and send only something that you would be glad to receive yourself. Please keep poems family friendly, nothing X rated.

This is International, so be sure to check rates and/or add extra postage for people out of your region or for items that are heavier or bulkier. Also, you may want to keep this in mind when you are making your postcards.

Finally, after you believe your partners have recieved his/her postcards, if you like, upload your picture to your favorite photo share (photobucket, flickr, slide) come back to the SWAP HOMEPAGE, post a link for all to see, and make comments about what you see)


sign up at swap-bot
join us HERE!

I look forward to seeing what you all made!

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