A Park Day

We had a nice day today. We woke up this morning and to our suprise, the weather was nice. I finished up some laundry, fed the kids and we left the house around 10 am. We took a little walk up and around the block then came back and spent a few hours at the park. I know it’s hard to believe but it was only 85 degrees this morning and 95 this afternoon! What, in Las Vegas in the middle of September?? Yep and we had a slight breeze. The kids had fun playing and we all enjoyed the fresh air. My friend Kathy met up with us and brought her son and some snacks. The walk home was a bit warmer since we weren’t  in the shade anymore. After we got home, ate lunch and cooled off, I layed the kids down for a nap and ended up falling asleep too. So, no, nothing got done today, but we did have a nice day just hanging out together.

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