Sweet Girls…

My husband says it takes a real King to raise Queens, that’s what he was told at work. He was also told that in some cultures it is good luck to have 3 girls and that it will bring good fortune 🙂 Well that is good news!

So the other night I am putting my 4 year old to bed… and she is my most difficult child to get to sleep. She defies sleep to everyone’s astonishment, she can stay awake longer than most adults 🙂 Anyway, so I am putting her to bed and we are laying in bed, winding down. Finally, thinking it’s time she starts learning it, I say “okay, it’s time, close your eyes and I’ll say a special prayer for you.” so I proceed to tell her the Lord’s prayer. After I’m done she says this to me “okay Mommy, now close your eyes, I’m gonna say a prayer…” and her prayer was this, “I love you through and through, through my heart and EVERYWHERE. Goodnight. Amen.”  Kids just say the cutest things! I loved that!

I’ll ask my 2 year old (birthday in July), “Are you Mommy’s girl?” and she’ll say “No, I’m Daddy’s girl.” She also loves crepes so much when Daddy is off and asks her what she wants for breakfast, she’ll ask for crepes! A 2 year old asking for crepes, lol… They both love to swim, they are out back right now swimming. I’d be out there too except you shouldn’t swim this soon after having a baby. Their cousin Alexis stayed the night last night & just left. They love to have her, we love to have her. Thay have so much fun with her & she’s always a big help. We are planning our daughters 2 year birthday and my Grandmother is coming to Vegas for her 80th birthday and we are expecting Jason’s Mom and my Aunt Cindy for the early part of July. Guess we’ll be pretty busy planning parties and visiting with everyone 🙂 The girls just came in from the pool. My 2 year old is sitting on Daddy’s lap and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to our newborn right now. Here sweet little voice is so precious. Well, I better go, I’ll write more later…. Bye for now!

One thought on “Sweet Girls…

  1. Hi Vivayne,
    First of all, congrats on the safe home birth arrival of your girl – she looks gorgeous & so do your other 2 with her. What a fantastic addition to your family she must be. I hope you’ll find your strength back soon and settle into a comfy routine.

    hugz Mo

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