Scrapper’s Choice Awards

I just wanted to share with everyone this absolutely fantastic digital scrapbooking GALLERY. It has the best of the best layouts nominated and submitted from all over the internet. If you are looking for digital scrapbooking ideas, different digital scrapbooking styles and inspirational layouts, you MUST go look at these winning layouts!!

I was the judge for the BEST OF BLENDING TECHNIQUE. While there were several absolutely gorgeous and stunning layouts, this one just gripped my heart… So I will share it with you today.

Be sure to stop in and congratulate SeattleSheri for her win and for sharing this heartfelt layout.

These were my comments:
This is the layout that my heart wants to choose… especially since I am a mother. Right away the kiss between mother and child stands out and captures the heart… Those sweet little lips, the feel of a child’s lips when they kiss you, it’s like heaven… And what a most beautiful and special moment to capture forever in a layout. For some reason, the blending or the actual photo – the emotion, the relationship is captured completely. Then the eye is pulled to the black and white picture where you can see this boy is just embracing the moment and the love! And finally your eyes glance around and see the journaling where you find that this precious layout has captured moments between a mother and child that will never happen again… It’s heartbreaking and beautiful and bittersweet… to me the best use of digital scrapbooking –relaying a message, evoking a feeling, capturing forever a moment and leaving it as the heritage for those who will follow. Well done!

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