Hey there everyone,

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote. Just thought I would try to stay updated here of what has been going on. I have not had the baby yet, of course, not till June probably. My friend Crystal has had her baby. Had her at home and is thrilled about being able to do so. It really is so special to be able to do it that way.  This past week we had a yard sale. We got started late Saturday morning last week so tomorrow, Friday, we plan on finishing the yard sale up and donating whatever is left. Through the week my 1.5 year old has been very sick with 102 fever and now sores in her mouth. We took her to the doctor who prescribed her an antibiotic, then we took her to the dentist who prescribed her an antiviral. Now that she is taking the antiviral she is feeling better. So, it has been a long week. I have also been busy taking clients out to see homes again, as business is picking up again. I have been trying to make time for designing but with a sick baby it sure is difficult. Anyway, I think I am taking clients out today… which means writing more offers, less designing… Maybe tomorrow will be better 🙂

DigitalFreebies.com has released my kits Back to School Cool Page Kit and Back to School Cool Add-On seen below 🙂 go now and get 30% off!

One thought on “Update

  1. Hope your baby gets well soon and that your garage sell does real good. Love your designs.

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