My New Van

Well I am totally stoked. It’s not really new, but it’s new for me… As many of you know, I am pregnant. My little Santa Fe, Hyundai SUV has been a great truck to have. It seats 5 total, 3 in the back and then 2 in the front. But the third spot in the back is only big enough for a smurf. So, naturally we must have a larger vehicle to fit the 3rd car seat. So we have room for the whole family. I am totally excited because I think we have gotten a sweet deal. We filed our taxes and with the money we were able to buy this van… So what did we get?? A 2001 Pontiac gmc Montana with 69,000 miles on it, mechanical sliding door, rear air etc. It feels extended in the far back seats because there is actually some leg room. The price?? $3900 dollars. Isn’t that great.

This van, when it was new, must have been well over 20 thousand dollars, I’m sure! We do have to put some new tires on it soon, breaks and it is due now for an oil change. The carpet in the trunk area is beyond repair (battery acid maybe?) so we are putting a bed liner back there rather than recarpeting it. The only other thing that it needs is a window button for the passenger door and a detailed cleaning. Other than that everything seams really great. It didn’t come with keyless entry but we are able to get that online for about 30 bucks along with an extra key. 

So that was my day today, bought the truck, got the 10 day permit, got it smogged, went to the Pontiac store to see about the things it needed, back to dmv to get it registered, stopped by to see Jason for lunch, my dad put on the plates for me, filled her up, and we went home. It felt like quite a long day, so it feels really great to be home and relaxing. Well, there’s my little update, oh, by the way, my 4 year old was soooo excited to be in a van, it was sooo cute, she just raved about it. “Isn’t this nice Mommy”  “This van is great, do you like it too Mommy” “Can we take our van tomorrow too Mommy” She’s so cute! 🙂

P.S. Those of you following my digital designs… I know you’ve been waiting for something new!! I have some brushes I will be releasing soon… Will get to it this week! Also, you have to check out DAC’s Easter Fun kit, I’ll blog more about that soon! I have posted a challenge on my blog for you, I hope you will participate…and finally I will be starting a wordart challenge for DAC very soon! Hopefully this week 🙂 More to come…

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