Cocoa on a Windy Day :)

Well, I’m just sitting here drinking cocoa with my 4 year old. It’s a nice sunny but windy here in Vegas, about 62 degrees outside. We just got out of the spa, took a little dip while the little one napped (don’t worry, took a monitor out with us) What a nice time. She got some one on one attention with me. We painted each other with a squirty toy and she practiced floating around a bit. I had to practice not floating – my pregnant tummy wanted to float up without the rest of me 🙂 lol. Ohhhh, there goes the little one, she’s beckoning.

Okay so she is awake. Just brought her downl She does the silliest things, crinkles her little nose at me and shoots me a funny look. Right now she is sitting across from me, trying desperately to pop a blue balloon. She keeps saying “POP, POP, POP” and sitting on it, bouncing on it, falling off, anything to get the darn thing to pop. lol. I’m feeling pretty lucky to spend these days at home with my kids. Not everyone gets to do that.  Here’s a funny thing that just happened with my oldest. She was so excited to get her strawberry shortcake book down and color it. She got it down then decided she wasn’t sure she still would color. When I asked her about it, she said, “oh, I guess I could just color with black” hahahhaaaa so funny. I was confused for a second then realized that it’s just about the only color left for her to color with, poor thing. The little one has broken all the rest. I guess it’s a good thing I have a spare set in the cupboard.

Now my 4 year old is singing to the balloon to come down from the ceiling, lol, and my youngest is yelling at it “come on, come on” telling it to come on down. I’m just glad they aren’t climbing all over my desk mauling me like usual!  This is my favorite time of year, Spring! The weather is perfect here. I’m glad to be rid of Winter. We can go outside and enjoy the parks, go for walks, and enjoy the spa. We get to look forward to Summer’s in the pool. The little one just pulled down Mr. Fuzzy (looks like a fuzzy worm on an invisible string) and was holding the string, when she walked, he walked with her and it scared the crap out of her!!! My 4 year old tried to show her it’s okay but she wasn’t having it. She screamed no no no! Well anyway, there’s just a small snippet of what it’s like around here, these days!

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