Kite Flying

Today was a great day. I was able to update my Scrap Outside The Box store and put more product for sale in there. I only have two items left and then my store is fully updated. Phew!! Finally I will be less worried about that and maybe I can concentrate on actually doing some designing. I feel like I’ve been so busy just trying to keep up – with setting up all my product at 2 more stores, picking up CT, having CT move on, keeping up on blog freebies so my traffic doesn’t die off, making my portion of exclusive collab kits for the sites I design at, setting up my first forum challenge (fontalicious at SOTB), and trying to get a new items into the stores… yikes, what did I get myself into?? lol.

Now I am looking to add 2 more people to my creative team, the gals I have now are fantastic and we just lost Pebbles (she was a fab team member to have). I know it will be hard to fill her shoes but with the team I have now, I’m confident we can make it work!

So, on to why it was a great day… this afternoon my 4 year old was outside with my husband and said “Daddy can we go fly my kite today, it is a windy day” so he said “sure.” Now, you could not ask for better kite flying weather… It was blissfully breezy, just a nice cool breeze blowing on a warm day. The breeze felt so good out in that grassy field. It didn’t even give us a chance to get hot.

Flying the kite was effortless practically 🙂 All we had to do was hold the kite off the ground for a second, and it lifted right up into the sky. My 4 year old was so excited to hold it, but I think it surprised her how strong the kite was pulling! My one and a half year old was reaching up to the sky, jumping and saying, “kite, kite, kite.” She was so excited to run in the grass and play. She even saw some other little ones her age. She was trying to hold their hands and looked like she wanted to just hug hug hug them! It was so sweet. After Daddy took the kite handle again, both girls just ran around together under it, jumping and playing and watching it dance up in the sky. It was really cool.

After a bit, the excitement wore off so we walked over to the playground and let them play. Wow, what a good idea! After getting the little one used to the little slide, Jason and I actually got to visit without kids constantly interrupting. Well, other than the occasional fright (worried the little one would fall from way too high), lol, we were able to hold down a conversation – in daylight! Ha ha ha.  We stayed for a couple of hours at least. When we got home, we turned on the spa. It was just so very enjoyable. Jason threw some steaks on the grill and we all hung out in the warm water (with the brrrrrr cold breeze blowing) while the steaks cooked. Life it good. I feel so blessed.

And to top it off… It was soooo easy to get the girls to sleep, full tummy’s, wore out, and passed out! 🙂 We didn’t get any pictures today, it was all just spur of the moment. But what a nice day it was!

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