What we’ve been up to…

Well I haven’t written anything personal in quite a while so I thought I’d give you a little update. We had been sick there for a couple of weeks between me and the kids with our sore throats… Somehow they got Croup, yikes, and they were miserable, then I was miserable, ugh. As you can see in the superbowl pics, we have half of our tree still up. No, we aren’t still celebrating, we have just been busy and sick and been feeling lazy about it. But I do have to get the stuff up before we have no more bulbs left. We’ve got our tabby cat (Chevy) crawling all thru it and my little one trying breaking them left and right!

So, now that we are feeling better, and I can actually (maybe) think, things are a little nicer around here 🙂 Being able to think is nice! Ha! Let’s see, we’ve  been to the doctor (3 days total) The first day I went to see our family physician, that took 2 hours, just to be seen so she could order an ultrasound. The next day I went to take the kids to the Pediatrician and get their perscriptions, give them treatments. Thank goodness my Dad volunteered to go with me, made it so much easier with the kids to have another adult around. The next day, went for my ultrasound, that was like an all day event. Had to drive 40 minutes across town for them to tell me they didn’t have time for me, then they decided to take me an hour later and rush the whole thing. They guy who did the ultrasound was  a total ass, wouldnt’ answer any questions about it, didn’t let me see what he was doing on the screen, so I barely got to see the baby, wouldn’t let my husband in the room because he might ask too many questions and slow him down, couldnt’ figure out the sex of the baby, felt like I was on the table for WAY too long, took only 3 pictures of the baby (pretty much ones that were no good) and finally couldn’t even tell us the sex of the baby… So, Jason scheduled me to go to another ultrasound later that night, we drove accross town to do that, found out IT’S ANOTHER GIRL! and got pictures. We got  3-D pictures, which look totally freaky to me, but he likes it so whatever. I felt bad, this ultrasound came with a dvd and we never got on for my littlest baby, so she is the only of the 3 that doesn’t have ultrasound video. Oh well, hopefully she will understand when she gets older.

What else?… We went to the Springs Preserve here in Las Vegas, NV. That was really cool, we have a pass and this time of year is THE BEST time of year to do these things. It has lots of exhibits that are fun, like archaealogical digs with fossils thru the whole place, information on Las Vegas Fault Lines and geological information, aquafers, nomads and settlers, Paiutes, Mohave Indian pueblo… It shows about the springs in Las Vegas, on a huge big screen and all the exhibits are interactive and make the boring stuff interesting, somehow… The whole  Springs Preserve is ALL about living GREEN. They have tons of classes about living green and exhibits that tell how to live green in easy ways. They show how trash is turned to treasure… plastic bottles reused to make carpet, an art show made of only junk, glass turned into decorative rock for around your house or made into gorgeous countertops. They have tons of stuff re-made into building materials for homes, they show how to make air passages into homes that actually promote cooler air in winter and warmer air in summer. They have walking trails down to the spring. They conduct all their own electricity with solar panels that also act as parking shades for cars. There is a huge amphitheater section for concerts and performances, a desert botanical garden. I think you can bring your own food and drinks in and make sort of a picnic day out of it. There is an old fashioned train displaying early life in Las Vegas and video games that you win by being water smart, a small park for kids to play at and the building structures, fences and the architecture is beautiful. And, it’s practically in the center of town. There’s so much to see that you just can’t see it all in one day, but you can make such a relaxing day out of it and not rush around. They even have the Wolfgang Puck cafe, it has a wonderful outdoor patio that looks over the whole preserve.

Anway, not sure what else we’ve been doing… but right now it’s lunch time, so I’ll talk at ya’all later! 🙂

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