Hanukkah (Chanukah) Digital Scrapbooking Kit – Sneak Peak Preview

Hi all. I know you all must be wondering what I’ve been up to. So, I thought I would show you a little sneak peak of the NEW digital scrapbooking kit that I am working on. It is a Hanukkah Page Kit that I’m sure everyone will adore. The colors are vibrant and fun and beautiful.

Now many of you may be wondering, why am I making this kit and not a Christmas kit when I celebrate Christmas myself (and Hanukkah is not the largest Jewish holiday) So, here is why…

-First, there are hardly any Hanukkah kits for those who do celebrate and would like to scrapbook those memories (maybe next time I will make a kit for an even more important Jewish Holiday, like Rosh Hashanah or Festival of Sukkot.)
-Hanukkah is a celebration of miracles- I love to celebrate miracles
-Knowing Jewish holidays can only help us to reconnect with our own heritage
-Religion is beautiful 

-Lastly, it is a celebration of LIGHT and to me that is so special – the light of the sun that we take for granted daily, the light of fire that keeps us warm, the light of the soul that shines through our eyes, the light that drowns out the dark, the light that heals us in meditation… but what I really relate to is the powerful light of God, the energy of light that flows through each and every one of us, connecting us to the creator and each other,  the glimmer of light that is in us in our darkest hour just waiting to burst and fill us up… some call it the holy spirit, some call it divine energy, some call it divine light…. anyway almost every religion can relate to what I’m saying here.

Blue, White, and Silver: the traditional colors  
Yellow and Gold: Represents the Festival of lights
Purple: Represents the spiritual aspects and the miracles

All of the papers can be used for both Hanukkah and non-Hanukkah pictures because I am including substitutes for any papers that would be considered “jewish only” papers – for people who are not Jewish!)

… Anyway, without further ado – here’s your sneak peak of my upcoming kit:

Festival of Ages

3 thoughts on “Hanukkah (Chanukah) Digital Scrapbooking Kit – Sneak Peak Preview

  1. It is a totally awesome idea and a generous and open-minded “design attitude” I can’t wait to see the finished kit!

  2. What a thoughtful idea. Great papers. I’m excited to see the complete kit. I especially love the blue paper in the lower left corner, that could be used by anyone. It’s very magical. The colors you used are great as well, I love the golden wings and the striped page.

  3. So thats where you been hiding lol…
    Love the colors you used and what a brilliant idea….
    Cant wait to see the whole kit when its released…
    I still dont like mine lol, but plodding away at it…
    Started playing with something else, I am so easily distracted lol..
    luv & hugs

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