Amazing Babies

Okay, if you have kids or have friends or family with kids, you have to see this video. Talk about amazing! As a mother I was astonished and relieved.

Watch this AMAZING VIDEO showing ISR trained babies, about baby drowning prevention!

I don’t know if it’s just me and I’m a sap, or if it because my hormones are running wild from this pregnancy, or if it chokes anyone else up… so I guess you’ll have to leave me a comment and let me know if I’m not alone out here, lolol.

You may want to come back soon, very soon, because I have a freebie ready for you. It will be a double layout again, and it’s my favorite digital scrapbooking spread out of all of them. Saved the best for last 🙂

After that, I think I will be posting an awesome wordart for the Holiday, that was made for a gal by the name of Carol, who wanted to make tags for a cancer free celebration for her nephew. Prayers out for you Carol, for your nephew to remain cancer free.

Blessings to everyone – have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Amazing Babies

  1. Wow, what a SCARE! didn’t mean to bring you back to that moment. It’s somewhat of a relief to know that babies can learn those things, it’s just a matter of training! I have heard of dry drowning (last year we lost a boy here in Vegas) Now I’m scared everytime the kids cough up water. Thanks for passing my blog along, always appreciate it!

  2. wow. Ok – I’m still shaking from that – and I didn’t even have the sound on (my external hard drive had to take the place of my speakers). We had a near drowning even with my oldest (he’d just turned 3) this summer @ a neighborhood pool and it’s something I’ll never get over. After seeing the video I do remember someone mentioning this program before but it was before I had kids and so I just thought it was neat and didn’t give it much thought. Now I’m all about it! Also, speaking of near drownings, do you know about the concern of what’s called a “secondary drowning?” It’s rare, but it’s where water gets into the lungs and the victim can actually “dry drown” up to 72 hours after the near drowning event. The best thing is that if someone almost drowns and swallows a significant amount of water (ie, A LOT of coughing after getting out) or ANY loss of consciousness is to get a chest x-ray just to make sure there’s not any water in the lungs. That’s what we did with my kiddo (he didn’t lose consciousness, thank God, just a lot of coughing) but thankfully all was clear. IMO, a $100 ER co-pay was worth the peace of mind.

    Sorry for the diatribe…this just hits very close to home and even if you know about the secondary drowning, maybe someone else out there might not and *might* actually read this! 😉 Thanks again for sharing the video…I’m going to be passing it along to my moms’ boards.

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