Corn Starch Anyone?

So you want a good laugh:

I’m working away on my computer getting ready to add another freebie, and I look over to check on my daughter (1 and a half yrs old) and what is she doing?

She’s covered in cornstarch, aawwwkk!! Oh but not a little cornstarch, the whole box of cornstarch. What in the world would she be doing with that, you say? Well we keep it in a basket next to her area, along with diapers and wipes and use it on her when she starts to get a rash (it’s better than baby powder for sure, yes)

By now she’s covered her little dark baby in it, so much that the baby looks white now. It’s in a pile next to her, on top of her and all around her, and I figure, whatever, she’s already playing in it… and it’s keeping her entertained so I’ll just clean it up in a little bit, I mean it can’t get any worse than this right.

WRONG! Boy was I wrong, LMAO. Of course, it’s funny just looking at it, like, well that’s what I get for turning my head, and other thoughts like ‘what was I thinking not cleaning it up right away?.’ Yes the little pile that she sat in went from a 2 foot radius to about a 4 or 5 foot radius. So you know, in my house, the shark (vacuum cleaner) does all the mess pick ups. I’ll just go get the Shark, it’ll magically fix this. Oh that was fun too, now I have a 6 foot radius and a treasure trail of cornstarch to the trash can. Oh yes, I have handled this well. LOL.  

You didn’t know I was wearing dark clothes today either… Yep, black pants, now with little white handprints all over them. Lap covered in cornstarch from her pants. Dark shirt covered in cornstarch because of course we can’t go 20 minutes without her climbing all over me. Yikes… but at this point, it’s just like whatever, what a mess, why get upset, you know? So, I have cleaned up the mess, well sort of: the white is still all over their play mats, and I wiped those up with wet paper towels, but I’ve wasted enough tree/paper for the day, so I give up, lol. Kids, they just steamroll you, huh!! lololol!

The one suprising benefit to all this, my mouse feels extremely luxurious in my right hand now 🙂

Here are photos of when I first discovered her, this is clean compared to after I let her play!

2 thoughts on “Corn Starch Anyone?

  1. LOL! She must have been making some serious corn bread or really needing to treat that baby’s diaper rash!! I’m sooooooo impressed she got most of it on the blue foam mats! I’ll have to share this with one of my friends whose little girl decided to shake baby powder all over their living room couch. The things kids will do…. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. hahahaha! When you told me about this yesterday, I laughed….. seeing the pictures today I AM LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF!!! OH how fun that must have been to clean up! I just love the very serious and determined look on her face in the first photo! OMG! Too funny!! Love it!

    Take care,

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