Thanksgiving Journal Card Freebies

Ok, so I made these for myself but I am sharing them with you too 🙂 Too often we let the little details go.

For example my Grandmother, Rosa Christie (she’s passed away now) put on a HUGE spread every year for every holiday. I never really liked to cook and never thought to follow her around, so when she passed away, many of those wonderful recipes were lost. Now my Aunt makes most of the Holiday food in her footsteps, to carry on our traditions. And most everything tasts like Grandmas. So this is my chance to record the special foods that we eat.

Many of the foods we eat are of German descent, gamese, german potato salad, the way we make our turnups. We also like to have turkey, baked mac n cheese (totally homemade), gravy, sweet potatos, stuffing, green bean caserole, and spinache. Sometimes we’ll also have mashed potatos, for my husband, or dinner rolls. The one thing we’d be lost without is the Baked Mac and Cheese, everyone’s favorite ;0) And being pregnant and always hungry, I’m really looking forward to our holiday meals!

Anyway, I made these freebies to record our Tradtional Family Foods for the holidays. You can use them as recipe cards or to list what’s on your table. I plan on printing them right up on card stock so I can write on them as I go.

This is a great way to record a tradition we all may take for granted and document something that our children’s children will appreciate being able to see. I kept the colors nuetral for you so that hopefully you can use them with any of your holiday layouts! Also I made wordarts to go with them, I will release them in a couple of days so keep an eye out.

When you TAKE a freebie 🙂 please LEAVE a comment on my blog!  Thanks 🙂


FOR RELEASE IN A COUPLE OF DAYS (to go with these journaling cards)

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Journal Card Freebies

  1. I love your work
    thank you so much for sharing
    can’t wait to use it.

  2. Thank you for the lovely journals. I’m into those things. Corrine in WA

  3. these are really beautiful! I am really into journaling cards. I love them and in the past year have spent a fortune on them. That is until I found the art of DIGITAL SCRAPPING! Duh! Who knew I could print them out myself. What a concept, eh!? LOL!!

    Seriously, your work is very beautiful and I thank you for all you’ve done (wink!) You have been such a great pal and I am so glad I “met” you!



  4. Thanks so much for your generous and lovely gifts. I just downloaded the journal cards and the quick pages.

  5. Ohhh now I’m really hungry! Your holiday meals sound marvelous. Thank you for the cards – it’s a great idea. Can’t wait for the wordart. 🙂

    Thanks again for this generous gift.

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