Youth Explosion

So I volunteered to make a poster (8ft x 3ft) for Discovery Church’s Youth Ministries. I wanted to make something a little edgy, something that the kids would be proud of. I wanted them to to feel that their religion is pretty darn cool. So, let me know what YOU think!

Special thanks to Ahmed Galal for the inspiration!

Oh yes, and for anyone who doesn’t already know: I’m pregnant! This will be my 3rd what am I going to do??? lol. I would love to hear from any of you moms out there who have had three – what am I in for (the difference between 2 and 3) Talk at ya’all soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Youth Explosion

  1. like the “Jesus didn’t tap” part on the lower left hand corner. where did you pick that phrase up from?

    it’s a newer clothing company for MMA – only been around for about a year or so – maybe a little longer. most people not in the fight world aren’t aware of that phrase’s existence, so i was curious if you were a fight fan and picked it up there?

  2. Cool poster! Looks like a concert advertisment.

    Congratulations on the baby news!!! How exciting!

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