The Beginning

Well this is the beginning of my Blog. My online name is Vivayne. Mother of 2, married to Jason (Superhusband). We’ve been married since 1995. Yep, that long, high school sweethearts (Yerington High School, NV). And it’s been great. We decided to finally have kids 10 years later. What took so long? Well, let’s ask him! Just kidding, we were busy establishing ourselves, having fun being young. My first daughter, 2 yrs old now, she was born at the hospital. I wanted an all natural birth but was quickly talked out of that. My next daughter, 1 year old now, was born at home with a wonderful midwife and revolutionary labor and birth technique – Lydi Owens As a new family, we’ve pretty much hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since.

So, Jason practically grew up in church – had to go. Now he doesn’t go. On the other hand, I went here and there, so I was nervous every time I went but I’m not shy –  so I got over it. As a teenager, young adult I never really went to church. Even as an adult, it wasn’t really for me. But I have found a place I like to go on Sundays. It’s pretty laid back, the people are friendly and the pastor is funny… no… entertaining… okay informative j/k 🙂  I do like that I have a place to go to keep focused on the better parts of life, God (of course), and my children will grow up with all the good stuff.

I have hobbies. Lots of hobbies. I love athletics (softball mostly), and crafting, scrapbooking, cross stitching, sketching, painting, and well just about everything except mechanics. That’s where Jason comes in. He picks up where I leave off! He has what I don’t and hopefully I am the same for him. If that makes sense. I also like to swim, ride horses, do watersports out on the lake, and hang out with family doing fun new stuff. I work in Las Vegas as a Realtor. Jason is a manager of a meat department at a major warehouse company.

I started digital scrapbooking fairly recently (1 year or 2). I’ve really taken to it. It’s so easy to undo a mess-up or change your mind and make it different. I love that. And once in the swing of things, it really doesn’t take so long to do scrap pages. It does, however, take me a really long time to do the design part. I love digital freebies and thought, here’s my chance to give back, and maybe make some money too.  I guess we’ll see where this takes me! So keep your eyes out for digital scrapbooking freebies here. I’ve got a kit now that I’m working on for release July. Running a little late but I think it will be worth the wait. That’s for you to decide, you’ll have to let me know!



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