Photoshop Hints

Anyone having a hard time with photoshop should definitely look up the photoshop keyboard shortcuts on the internet.

The transform tool is awesome, check that out, it resizes your objects.
Here are some helpful ones to get you going:

Transform: cntrl T (to resize objects)(hold shift when dragging corners, to keep integrity of proportions)

Fit to Screen: Cntrl zero (0)
Zoom out: Cntrl minus (-)
Zoom in: cntrl plus (+)

Erase: E
Move: V
Burn: O (darkens/lightens with brush)
Brush: B (works like a stamp)
Lasso: L (selects odd shapes)
Clone: S (alt and click to set the anchor/starting point)
Step Backward: shift cntrl Z
Invert Selection: shift cntrl I
Deselect: cntrl D
Type: T (writing tool)
Clipping Mask: cntrl G or shift cntrl G (cse3) (the above paper takes the shape of the layer below)
Copy: cntrl C
Paste: cntrl V

Make sure you:

When starting a project, right click on the top of that item and duplicate it so as not to ruin the original.
If a layer is set as a background double click the layer.

If you can remember, use new layers when adding items so you can easily remove them. Layers can be dragged above or below each other.

Have your History window and layers window open at all times. Brush layer is also handy to have open.
History window lets you go back in time and undo or redo, layers lets you select what layer you want to use and adjust only that layer.

In the layers window, at the top is a mini tool bar that shows opacity, you can experiment with dragging the percentage up and down.

Use your Lasso tool to cut trace odd shaped frames, shift cntrl I (to invert selection) and delete the outer portion of your photo.

One more helpful one. When dropping an image into another image: press V to move image, click and hold (don’t unclick,) drag it over into the other image, then hold Shift down, now unclick, then let go of shift (after you unclick). This will center your object so you don’t have to. You especially ought to use it when draggin 12×12 papers over, so it doesn’t wind up off, or showing no background in an area by accident.

Hope all this helps an makes sense! Leave a comment, let me know what you think or if there is anything else you need to know, maybe I can add it to this post! Have a great one!

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