Pumpkin Time

Well these last couple weeks we have been super busy. I was sick for a week, together with pregnancy, I was lucky to keep my eyes open and on my kids. Couldn’t even sit down without dozing off. Definitely couldn’t sit at the computer. Someone please tell me that tiredness will end soon. I am feeling better. I am in a toddler group here in Vegas and I volunteered to house the Halloween Party 🙂 I think at least 42 people were here (last Saturday). It was pretty fun, the girls had grins from ear to ear and I enjoyed everything. Then Sunday we went to Pumpkin Patch at Discovery. The girls had a great time. And finally today, I got to rest a little.

My 3 year old dressed as a firefighter and my 1 year old was a dalmation puppy. Soooo cute. I’ll write more later, getting tired, again!!

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