New Freebie – Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page Spread

Here is the final set of free scrapbooking quick pages made with the Holiday Traditions Colaboration kit by This is actually my personal favorite of all of the spreads I made, so I really hope you like it just as much as I do 🙂  

If you haven’t read the post below (Amazing Babies), you really have to take a minute and watch that baby video. You will be blown away!

Here they are, look for some Thanksgiving digital scrapbooking Word Art in a few more days!

When you TAKE a freebie ) Could you please LEAVE a comment on my blog!  ) Thanks a bunch for your support!



  1. Karan Dougherrty

    Keep up the good work. The quickpages are great. I have just started digital scrapbooking and the quickpages are a tremendous help, especially for someone who is not artistic. Thanks again, great job.

  2. Hey Jessicca, thanks for the compliments on the background paper but Mamrotka from DAC made that! The blue one actually and I just recolored it to make the matching green one 🙂

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