New Blinkie!!! First Blinkie!!!

WaaaHooo! Yes I am totally excited because today I got my first blinkie as a designer and it’s made with the brightest digitals I’ve ever made.
Soooo excited.. Laura (Tiamama) over at DigitalArts-cafe was kind enough to make it for me for FREE!

Yay, there are still kind and giving, decent people out there. That’s hopeful!

So what do you think? I hope you like it and will consider using it on your blog or in your signatures… I will keep my eye out for those of you who do!

I can’t wait to see where it turns up… Oh and if you do see someone sporting it somewhere… drop me a line, I may want to thank them! Hehe 🙂

Have a great night/day whatever time it is there… Oh yes and I’m looking to get another freebie posted for a blog train I am joining… TONS OF FREEBIES from tons of designers! So keep an eye out for that!!


  1. Great blinky you got there girl! haha Glad you like it.. Looks good on your blog! I hope you get to see it all over the place..

    Loved those cornstarch pictures too.. Reminds me when my sisters 2 youngest put EVERYTHING from the fridge into her dryer.. She put them down for a nap and once she thought they were asleep she layed down for a nap and they got up… My nickname for them “Destructo Demon Children” meant with all the love from my heart for them.. =0)

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