Free PicNic Parade Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page

Hello everyone, it’s time once again for another digital scrapbooking, quick page freebie. The quick page below was made from an all time favorite kit:
PicNic Parade. The PicNic Parade kit was made for those great picnics had out on the grass, hanging out in your blue jeans, in the backyard or at the park, looking up at the beautiful sky and enjoying each others company. You’ll love how great this kit will fit with virtually any pictures you have! Here’s a preview and link to the kit: 

PicNic Parade

Now on to the freebie. Mozz, over at FMC Design, made this quick page freebie for you, so if you get a chance please stop by and leave her some love!! She’s a very beautiful and giving person!! 

When you TAKE a freebie ) Could you please LEAVE a comment on my blog!  ) Thanks a bunch for your support!


Hope you have a fantastic day, happy scrapping!!


  1. me again, i didn’t know if u had a myspace but if u do U are more than welcome to add me and again, Thank You foir the freebie. i haven’t had time to use it yet but I will soon. Enjoy ur day!

  2. jane

    Thank you so much for the beautiful quick page. It will be perfect for a father’s day scrapbook I am making for my hubby.

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