Hey There You!

I’m Vivayne, a spunky, playful, free spirit, with some big ideas. I know I’m just one in a sea of many artists, but I have this burning desire to make a positive impact on the world! Crazy right? Well, that’s what we’re gonna do! We’re going to spread joy and good vibes with art and happy thoughts. And with your help, we can make a bigger impact. So let’s be the light! Opt-in for monthly updates, news, fresh art and inspiration.

In a world full of chaos, negativity, and hopelessness, I wish to be a ray of light, impacting others, by SPREADING a sense of POSITIVITY, OPTIMISM, encouragement, wonder, DELIGHT & belonging, as seen through INNOVATIVE & enthusiastic eyes.

I am a licensor and professional freelance artist, with 3+ years experience. I fiercely enjoy the pursuit of new ideas, innovation, brainstorming, and forecasting trends to use in art. I seek excellence. I’m naturally curious and love to learn, which is how I got my start. I’m honest (to a fault), enthusiastic, idealistic and forward-thinking. I like to experiment and play with new ideas and art supplies.

I enjoy creating all kinds of graphics and patterns for different surfaces.  I love the thrill of a new challenge and take pride in finding good solutions to problems. I’m determined to provide excellent work. I hope to inspire and encourage others to live a fulfilling life, and make a positive impact on the world around me. I plan to run art campaigns, for worthy causes, where people are making a real impact on the individual lives of impoverished, desolate, or otherwise unloved people.

If you’re interested in purchasing or licensing a design, please visit the Licensing page or Contact me with inquiries. If you want to support amazing causes, sign up for updates.

It is my hope to connect with you through my art and creativity, to evoke emotion, move you, encourage you, inspire you, spread beauty, & even provide momentary escape through my art.

Random facts 

  • I love God
  • Pancakes —-> bleh
  • Served honorably in the US Air Force
  • Was practically raised on horseback
  • I’m always down for a new adventure
  • I love cats
  • Green smoothies rock
  • I believe in listening to your intuition
  • Have sketched since I can remember
  • Got my design start in scrapbooking
  • Mean people suck, if that’s you, don’t go away mad…
  • Love water sports (i.e. wake boarding, skiing, tubing, knee boarding)
  • Really really want to learn how to surf
  • I’m an Alto, la la la
  • I LOVE nature, no really!
  • Birthed 2 of my 3 children at home (oh yes, on purpose)
  • Have played softball since I was 10 and still play
  • My husband is Superman (okay, Superhusband)
  • I’m okay with the path, less beaten.
  • I love the beach, it feels like home
  • I’m a Sagittarius and a Pearl Harbor baby!
  • When I grow up, I want to be a mermaid

Peace out!