Happy Scrappy

Hi You!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I just got my scrap quilt back from my lovely mother in law, who did the most amazing quilting & finished it with the solid red & pink checkered material that I sent. It is so super amazing and the quilting is just beautiful!

I started this quilt last year and just worked on it when I felt like it. Just played around here and there…. But having it finished, is the best feeling in the world! “I’m the King of the woooooorld”! haha!

scrappy upcycled lap quilt

I’m horrible at taking photos sometimes, can you see it well enough at this size? Wish I could show it to you in person! I tried to at least adjust the photos, so that they were very close to true color.

^Check it out, I’m dying here! eek! Mom’s rule!

Scrappy Circles:
Okay, so for the circles, I used everything: selvedge edges, little leftover fabric pieces from dolly making, leftover pieces from blanket making, and leftover pieces of (almost new) baby clothes that we used for other projects. I just started with small pieces of fabric and sewed scrap to scrap till I had a square approximately 5 x 5 inches. I tried not to worry too much about what went together, just pick a piece and sew, like my Mother-in-law taught me.

Easy Applique:
Then, I picked up some Heat-n-Bond Iron-on Adhesive from Joann’s, brought it home and ironed it onto the scrappy squares (soon to be circles), basically following the directions on the package. I ran the now Heat-n-bonded squares through the circle Accuquilt fabric cutter. If you don’t have one, you can use a template and just draw right on the Heat-n-Bond, and cut by hand.

Centering the Circles:
It was so magical, putting those colorful circles on the white fabric to see something from practically nothing!

To get those circles centered on each square, I ironed my white squares in half vertically, then opened it up and ironed it horizontally (no Heat-n-Bond here). Then I creased the scrappy circles with my finger (no Iron because you don’t want to ruin the Heat-n-Bond). Now both scrappy circles and white squares, have lines that you can line up (horizontal and vertical) to center the circle. Easy, just iron it down and now it stays so you can stitch around each circle or just have it quilted on, depending on what you choose. Mine has a loose satin stitch around each circle.

Now, you can lay it out and decide where to put each quilt block so the color is spread around evenly. I chose to leave 3 blocks empty. I would have had to make 2 more circle/square quilt blocks but I actually liked how it looked with the 3 missing, so I left it as it was.

Mom Pam pieced the solid red and pink gingham around the outer edge of the white portion. Can you see the quilted leaf better, in the picture below? I love that she put that in there. the best feeling, was when I got it back … I think I actually gasped! Seriously lost my breath for a moment, when I saw a leaf quilted into it and the cross accentuated! I was so surprised! What can I say, I’m a sucker for nature and I love God. Another spot has a flower quilted into it, and the third one has a heart. I admire my mother-in-law. She knows how to do so much and she’s an honorable, sweet, loving and wonderful woman. If I was half as awesome as she is, I’d be okay with that.

Don’t you love how she did the pieced back? I totally do. Apparently, I didn’t send enough black polka dot material (oops!) but who cares, it doesn’t get much scrappier than those pieced circles, right? Haha. So she just fixed it right up for me and I like it even better with its piecey personality.

Sometimes mistakes cause the most perfect changes to our creations! By the way, did you notice? I tried to reflect the front circles by doing a polka dot on the back. Cool right?

The pink gingham was actually a fabric from my Grandmother’s stash. I was very connected to my Grandmother Rosa. She was an amazing and sweet woman, taught me to love unconditionally, to do things for others, to sew, to cook eat. She just felt like ‘home’. Do you have someone like that? Please, do share who, in the comments?

scrappy upcycled lap quilt

So, it’s like a memory quilt now! I have to keep it, right? I thought about gifting the quilt but my kids begged me not to. Why do I always want to give my creations away?? Maybe I’ll keep just this one;)

The pictures just don’t do it justice but I hope you enjoyed them anyway! The bottom middle (kite landscape) circle from some leftover fabric I designed some years ago. Isn’t this a great upcycle! Nothing to waste!

❤ Vivayne

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