Pumpkin Time

Well these last couple weeks we have been super busy. I was sick for a week, together with pregnancy, I was lucky to keep my eyes open and on my kids. Couldn’t even sit down without dozing off. Definitely couldn’t sit at the computer. Someone please tell me that tiredness will end soon. I am feeling better. I am in a toddler group here in Vegas and I volunteered to house the Halloween Party 🙂 I think at least 42 people were here (last Saturday). It was pretty fun, the girls had grins from ear to ear and I enjoyed everything. Then Sunday we went to Pumpkin Patch at Discovery. The girls had a great time. And finally today, I got to rest a little.

My 3 year old dressed as a firefighter and my 1 year old was a dalmation puppy. Soooo cute. I’ll write more later, getting tired, again!!

Happy Birthday Alexis

We had a great time at my neices birthday party. We went bowling and then to their favorite pizza joint. It may not sound great but spinach, artichoke and mushroom pizza is goooood. And it’s not just because I’m pregnant, lol. It was really nice visiting with the family and I enjoyed watching all the kids talking and playing, just doing their thing. What a sweet bunch of kids we have in our family. My girls just love their cousins so much too.  Tomorrow I get to go to court for a traffic ticket. That should be fun, not!

Youth Explosion

So I volunteered to make a poster (8ft x 3ft) for Discovery Church’s Youth Ministries. I wanted to make something a little edgy, something that the kids would be proud of. I wanted them to to feel that their religion is pretty darn cool. So, let me know what YOU think!

Special thanks to Ahmed Galal for the inspiration!

Oh yes, and for anyone who doesn’t already know: I’m pregnant! This will be my 3rd what am I going to do??? lol. I would love to hear from any of you moms out there who have had three – what am I in for (the difference between 2 and 3) Talk at ya’all soon 🙂

What’s the hap? …Fixing the kits…

Wonder what’s happening? Well lately I have been busy getting ready to go public with my designs. Right now as you read, I am working on adjusting the quality of my kits. Adding to them, fixing them, I learned that I have to quality check everything to get rid of runaway pixels. I’ve had to do lots of research on copyright infringement and still there is so much more to learn. Also, the patterns I used for my overlays don’t look as SHARP as I’d like, so I put  new overlays on everything. I’ve been creating new and different elements and I’m expanding on the kits I created during the design competition I entered. I’ve been working on my Terms of Use and getting it just right so when people download my product they know exactly what they are allowed to do with it. I’ve been working (only a little though) on trying to figure out what to do with this site to get it ready to Launch! That way when I am all done I will have a nice site (hopefully everyone thinks so) and maybe even get picked up to design for someone else. I can’t wait for you all to see what I’ve done!! I am working with my very best friend on the Site design, which is exciting because she’s a super Web Designer with a great sense of style. It will be exciting to see what she comes up with for my site! I have been spending time with the girls and Jason, swimming and decorating cupcakes (messy babes) and just enjoying my time with them.

Yesterday I overheard my one yr old saying mmmmm, so I looked over and she was puting some toy food into a toy pan (with a car) and pretending to eat it. A couple of days ago we were playing with the toy phone and she was putting the phone up to my ear saying Hi (all cute) and I was saying “Hi dada” and she would say “Hi” then I’d say “Hi sis” and then she said “Hi Coco” That’s my Mom’s dog who she played with every day for a couple of months while my Mom was here trying to close on a short sale home. It was really sweet. Then everytime we go swimming, my 3 year old blows me away. She is diving 8 feet to the bottom of the pool to pick up dive toys! What a fish 🙂 I’ve never seen such a thing and she is so graceful doing it. Anyway, I’m done braggin about my beautiful kids. My brother just got here with some sweets for our sweet toothes, need I say more?